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International Design Workshop week. Hosted by Universiteit Antwerpen. 13.-17. February 2017

Fifteen Interdisciplinary Workshops (Masters in Architecture, Interior architecture  and Product development) and eight Disciplinary Workshops (Bachelor in Product development) were held in five days. Nina Haarsaker and Gro Rødne led one of the Interdisiplinary Workshops, representing TRANSark and the studio, Making Is Thinking at NTNU.

Displace - Place -  Display -  Play


 From the exhibition

From the exhibition

The Power of Experiment - Lisboa - October 2016

Together with a few other Nordic and Portuguese Master programs of architecture, Making is Thinking was invited to participate in The Power of Experiment: “Despite the distance and differences between them, Nordic and Portuguese architecture share the same lasting tradition – the ability to adapt architecture to its context. Nordic architecture schools are currently focusing on the specificity of local resources and opportunities offered by specific contexts in a series of pioneering Master degree programmes that address local issues, whilst geographically broadening the spectrum of discussion towards local and global emerging practice of the profession that is strongly committed to the world in transformation.” (from the Lisbon Architecture Triennale website)

The Power of Experiment was made by Artéria – Humanizing Architecture as a part of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2016The Power of Experiment consists of a workshop set up in relation to the opening of the triennale, an exhibition with installations and videos from the workshop, and a book released in relation to the closing of the triennale. Johanna Gullberg represented Making is Thinking in the workshop; Johanna Gullberg and Gro Rødne contributed with a chapter to the book.



Making Is Thinking in Barcelona - April 2016

In April 2016 the Making Is Thinking masters studio took a study trip to Barcelona and collaborated with ETSAB in a series a short workshops and lectures.

Making Is Thinking Workshop - KTH Stockholm, 4 April 2016

Nina Haarsaker was invited to the KTH Architecture School in Stockholm to hold a workshop based the methods and ideas developed through the Making Is Thinking pilot.

ADSL 2016 Antwerp Design Seminars & Lectures, University of Antwerp, 8-12 February, 2016

Twelve parallel five-day workshops were held for Masters level students of architecture. Nina Haarsaker and Johanna Gullberg led one of these workshops, representing TRANSark and the studio, Making Is Thinking at NTNU.