In 2016 TRANSark initiated a project to establish a laboratory in connected to Making Is Thinking, the FormLAB (previously the MiT Lab). It is designed as an accessible learning lab, available to all students, staff and courses, to encourage lateral thinking.  The lab is continually being developed in collaboration with students. It serves as a learning tool available to all staff, students and courses, enabling pedagogical methods to be tested ‘live’.

In the following video, Grø Rødne - leader of the Making Is Thinking pilot, explains the role of the FormLAB, how it has been already successfully integrated into education through the Making Is Thinking masters studio and how its continued development will make it an essential part of the study programs within the Faculty of Architecture and Design, and also beneficial to other disciplines.

The FormLAB is equipped with a diverse range of digital and analogue tools that encourage experimentation. Some the tools available may not traditionally be associated with an architectural education, but perhaps an artist, sculptor or even electrician. However, they can provide opportunities to discover new solutions through new ways of creating form. This is an environment where failure is acknowledged as a necessary condition for the creative process and any tool or method can be explored without judgement.

The latest addition to the Form Lab is the Sandbox, a new tool combining the analogue and digital. To find out more about the potential of this tool, watch the demonstration video below.

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 The Sandox ha now been strengthened with kinetic sand (sand added wax) which makes it even better. There  are virtually no limits to which shapes you can create in the Sandbox now. You can work much more precisely compared to the previous version, shown in the video above.