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Building on the experiences of the Making Is Thinking masters studio for architecture students, and the success of Hendelser På Nyhavna, the Making Is Thinking team (TRANSark Pilot 1) is now hosting a Making Is Thinking - Experts in Team course. This allows for continued collaboration with Trondheim municipality and En Blå Tråd in studying Nyhavna as a case. 

The students, many of which are non-architecture students, will be challenged to present ideas and solutions for the future of Nyhavna. The course will encourage the use of methods used by Making Is Thinking and the tools available to the in FormLAB. The students can and should challenge conventions and habits, and be open to the strange and unexpected, in order to reveal new and exciting possibilities through their projects.

The course aims to generate solid contributions to the urban development debate in relation to the areas, and the results will be exhibited at the Trondheim Maritime Centre on the 20th May, in connection with a new 'Hendelser på Nyhavna' event.

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The course is already underway and the first course presentation can be found here (in norwegian).

EiT Day 1 in the FormLAB 2017

EiT Day 1 in the FormLAB 2017